One Way IPA

We took all of our favorite hops and rolled them into a crisp, dry, and brightly hop-flavored West Coast IPA. Although 2-row dominates the grain bill, we rounded out the malt character with a generous helping of white wheat and a hint of light crystal for some head retention and extra body. The lower mash temp provides for a drier beer, which allows little to get in the way of enjoying the full range of hop character. Furthermore, the lacking residual sweetness makes having more than one a breeze - your head will thank you tomorrow.

As for hops, any beer lover with their head screwed on right will echo the praises of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hops; for One Way, we used all three. These hop additions were primarily in the whirlpool and dry hop, which reduces outright bitterness and protects more of the juicy, aromatic qualities of the hop.

Free Craig’s Tropical Hazy IPA

Our brewery has saved countless, precious dollars by utilizing the power of the classifieds. Why buy new when there’s a zillion perfectly functioning items laying in wait all around the county? This mantra is exemplified most fittingly by the legendary Free Craigslist page, one of the few things we like as much as beer.

For Free Craig’s, we wanted to step away from the crisp, dry character of our West Coast IPA, and make something a little softer and more tropical. To ensure this, we used a London Ale yeast strain to provide for a fruitier, sweeter, and beautifully hazy beer. To further these characteristics, namely haze and mouthfeel, a large ratio of oats were used in the mash, which work amazingly to soften out hop harshness and add some balance.

Target hops were Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, and El Dorado, mostly added at the end of boil and in the dry hop. Lots of citrus with a bit of pine as well. Be wary: this beer drinks like a pale ale!

RPX Juicy Pale Ale

RPX is Rohnert Park’s main thoroughfare and a perpendicular shot from US 101 to Sonoma State University. Our team is made up of SSU grads, and each one of us has spent numerous hours driving, cycling, and longboarding the RPX stretch. It is a major fixture of RP, which is happy home to our new brewery.

For this pale ale, we wanted to focus on providing a smooth, juicy character that still delivers enough hop bitterness to meld with the oat heavy grain bill. This is a beer you can enjoy repeatedly,

and we encourage at least a couple.

Simcoe dominates, yet the Citra and Amarillo additions provide for further citrus pleasantries that play well with the round mouthfeel our London Ale yeast provides.